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A hosted PBX can revamp your business communications

Companies are always looking for new ways to help their employees become more productive and efficient, and sophisticated technologies play an important enablement role. Hosted PBX is just one such tool that helps businesses revamp their communications.

Stay on call

Working with a hosted phone system means that you no longer have to rely on copper wire to conduct phone conversations. Hosted systems transfer data by digitising it before sending it down the same cables that are used for broadband. By running all your calls through an online platform, you can establish sound and reliable systems that are impervious to bad weather or broken phone lines.

A faulty phone system can wreak havoc on your ability to deliver customer service. Instead of jeopardising your company’s reputation, why not implement a phone system that won’t leave you hanging?

Easy to manage

You can control your hosted phone systems through a simple web portal. This allows you to configure your IT needs much more easily than traditional hard-wired infrastructure and change as you grow. You can also easily access other features such as billing information and data usage. The IT advantages don’t stop there, software updates can be installed automatically, and new features can be ready to be implemented immediately.

Remote workers will thank you

Hosted PBX systems allow remote employees to securely access the company’s communication system through an app on their mobile device or software on their laptop. Calls can be routed from their desk phones to another device, so they aren’t desk-bound for fear of missing calls. If employees are spread across the country or the globe, they can stay connected to each other and your customers.

PBX your business with Internet Solutions

Our communication solutions offer cost-effective workforce connections and will integrate seamlessly with other systems such as customer relationship management, collaboration platforms and social media networks.

Keeping up with digital doesn’t have to cost a fortune, thanks to our hosted voice solutions. You get a digitally empowered business at a cost-effective rate. Hosted PBX delivers the service without the burden of expensive owned-infrastructure. Read our step-by-step guide to improving your communications.

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