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As the world becomes increasingly focused on information and technology, organisations are having to spend more money on IT and support costs associated with keeping these systems up and running. According to a data centre paper compiled by Deloitte, in the past, much of this budget was provisioned to pay for internal resources and support of the data centres that house an organisation’s IT systems.

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The same report highlights that while IT demand and capacity used to be relatively predictable, the current innovation landscape is rather different. “Organisations now face combined challenges of dealing with fluctuating demand combined with an expectation that the organisation’s IT department can provide these services in a rapid and cost-effective manner,” the report reads.

This is where IT could do with a little extra support. Partnering with Internet Solutions will enable your IT to enjoy the benefits of a high-performing data centre without having to physically set it up and manage all the bits and pieces yourself. You can use our infrastructure and expertise instead.

Here’s how additional IT support from Internet Solutions will significantly ease your workload.

  • Infrastructure: You can tailor your infrastructure to meet your changing needs, with a range of rack-space options to choose from. Regular maintenance of our data centre infrastructure means that you’ll always have optimum performance and high availability

  • Connectivity: Our data centres are connected to our extensive fibre network providing fast access to your hosted data and services. And we’re carrier-neutral, so you can connect to your chosen network provider.

  • Power: No business should have to worry about what happens when the lights go out. Our energy-saving centres offer outage protection and also guard against power surges.

  • Security: Modern businesses should to be mindful of security – be it from physical or cyber threats. We’ll take care of that for you. Our data centres have physical and virtual security measures in place to keep your information safe. From sophisticated biometric access control and surveillance to monitoring and recording systems to ensure that no unauthorised individuals can access the data centre. We also have internationally recognised fire-suppression systems to reduce the risk of data centre damage.

  • Telco-agnostic: Despite the fact that we own a massive network that our data centres live on. Internet Solutions’ data centres are telco-agnostic. This means you can access your data and systems using any network provider.

  • Expertise: With 23 world-class data centres in operation across Africa, spanning 11 991 m2 of data centre space, we have the expertise and infrastructure to manage your unique requirements. We also provide a variety of IT Infrastructure services that complement the equipment housed in our data centres, including communications, security and a full suite of ITaaS services.

A data centre is no longer just “hardware factory” housing rows and rows racks, servers, vaults and cables. Today, data centres are hubs that support the apps and systems powering your business.

With extensive data centre monitoring experience we’ll let you focus on what you do best while enjoying the benefits of our secure, high-performing and intelligent data centres. To find out more about our data centre offerings for your business, please feel free to book a demo with one our data centre experts.

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