Hosted infrastructure enables Dovetail to deliver to growing client base

To accommodate its growing client base, Dovetail migrated its on-site information systems to a more efficient and cost-effective cloud-hosting service to retain its position as a high-end service provider.

Solutions for outgrowing existing technology

When an expanding client base meant that existing on-site data centre infrastructure was no longer able to meet business needs, Dovetail sought a new approach to storing information. Our cloud solution proved to be more efficient, flexible and cost-effective and didn’t require massive capital expenditure.

Dovetail strives to be one step ahead of its rapidly growing client base

Dovetail is South Africa’s leading logistics and supply chain software provider for the freight and supply chain industry. The company develops innovative, customised software for warehouse management, transport and logistics management, and delivers up-to-the-minute support to ensure these systems run smoothly.

With a rapidly growing client base, Dovetail needed to make some changes to its own systems to retain its position as a market leader.

Move to the cloud delivers high performance

Internet Solutions partnered with Dovetail to migrate its constrained data-hosting system and independent client servers to a more efficient and cost-effective cloud-hosting service. This eliminated the need to upgrade the company’s existing infrastructure and provide more technical support for on-site servers, which are both in themselves costly exercises.

The result is a high-performing virtual system on a platform that guarantees greater efficiency and round-the-clock maintenance support.

With improved infrastructure and advanced processing power, Dovetail is able to continue expanding its own services to deliver to a growing client base.

This more reliable solution also provides a higher level of online security and remote access to information and has the added benefit of being protected by cloud-managed backup storage.

Dovetail is now able to take advantage of a pay-per-use consumption model, which is having a positive impact on client on-boarding and quote-to-cash lead times.

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